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Push button for menu Push button for menu. Send thank you notes to people who assisted you, sentflowers, masses, food, or made charitable donations. Contact your attorney to handle legal matters, such asprobating an estate, if necessary. Make sure to discuss the scope of theattorney's work and his or her fees before authorizing their work. The attorneywill need certified copies of the death certificate.

Life insurance companies They will need a certified copy ofthe death certificate, the completed application, and the original policy orcertificate, if available. When mailing documents to the insurance company,you may want to send them by Certified Mail with a Return Receipt Requested. Ifyou are uncertain about life insurance being in force, the followingorganization may be of assistance.

Pennsylvania Vital Records - Births, Deaths & Marriages

Toll free telephone: 1- ,Website: www. If a Veterans Administration monument was used, send a copyof the paid receipt for the marker installation to the Allegheny CountyDepartment of Veterans Affairs for a partial allowance See cover letter fromthe funeral home concerning this possible benefit. Notify your stockbroker to change ownership of any stocks,bonds, or mutual funds.

They will need certified copies of the deathcertificate. Notify your bank.

Pennsylvania Vital Records Agency Information

They will return any direct deposit checksfrom Social Security which the deceased may have received but not been entitledto receive. Change titles on any accounts checking, savings, certificates ofdeposits, loans, notes, mortgages, safety deposit boxes, etc. They will needcertified copies of the death certificate. Change ownership records on motor vehicles, mobile homes,boats, etc. Automobile clubs, such as AAA, can be of assistance. They will needa certified copy of the death certificate and may need to notarize theapplications. Change ownership on real estate, as advised by your attorneyand financial advisors.

Notify places of business where you may have outstandingloans or mortgages. Civil Service Employees should contact the U.

Allegheny County Marriage & Divorce Records - County Courts

Federal Employees should contact U. Professional and fraternal organizations, in which thedeceased was a member, for possible benefits. Change ownership on US Savings Bonds, forms are on line atwww. If the deceased was named as beneficiary on any of your lifeinsurance policies, contact the insurance company to change beneficiaries.

What type of information is contained on a marriage record? Over the years, the information required on a marriage application has changed. Traditionally, each applicant's full name, age, residence, occupation and place of birth are contained on marriage license applications. In addition, beginning in , the name of each applicant's parents as well as their occupations and places of birth are a part of each application. All of these records are open to the public and available for viewing.

What are the costs for a marriage record? The costs for a marriage record vary from county to county. The particulars of a couple's wedding date are included on an attractive certificate that can be framed, placed in a scrapbook or given as a commemorative gift to couples celebrating a special wedding anniversary.

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Carnegie Library has a microfilm index from , but that only has the names of the bride and groom and the certificate number. A Pittsburgh friend of mine has done lookups for divorces.

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  • Allegheny County Birth and Death Records - Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

She said, "When we were done, we could have written a book! X-rated of course. You do have to have an add-on called IE-tab.

You make a request with the information you find in the index. At that time it was fifty cents a page if you did it yourself, a dollar a page if they printed it out from microfilm upstairs. They are working on getting everything on microfilm. Nothing had to be filled out prior to the marriage, but whoever minister, J. Abstracts of the returns from are in a 3-volume set published by the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society.

The records from through are on microfilm and available at Carnegie Library. There is an index to the 12 reels of microfilm.

However, the actual returns exist through about If you know the date of marriage, you can find them on the chronologically filmed microfilm. They may give greater detail than the early marriage apps from Pittsburgh.

PA State Archives - RG - Series Titles - Microfilm: County Governments

These only cover marriages that took place in the city of Pittsburgh. The actual marriage certificate is signed by the person who performed the ceremony and is given to the couple. It is chiefly a memorial, but is not considered proof of marriage. What is considered "p roof of marriage" is the marriage return filed with the county by the person who performed the marriage. Without that return the county cannot issue a certified copy of the marriage record.

There are two kinds of marriage records online for Allegheny County.

The to circa records are marriage license docket book copies. For those records, you can write to the county and order the actual marriage license applications.