Dungeons and dragons cell phone backgrounds

The base compendium that comes with the app is very lacking and incomplete. However, this issue can be very easily remedied.

Creating Custom Backgrounds In Dungeons and Dragons

Simply go to your internet browser on your phone, search Fight Club 5 Lions Den compendium files, and you can download the full compendium from a large number of safe sites. Once you do that, this app is quite literally the best one available. Thanks Lions Den for this truly wonderful tool.

I took joy in purchasing the full version to help support your future endeavors. I just started using it, so I am not quite familiar with the controls or layout yet. Either way, I want this to sound positive because I really like the app, it is definitely worth buying the full version, especially because it has the ability to add custom and home brew content, also which I have not done yet. Get it!

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I like this app so far despite that I'm new I've seen videos and good reviews on game master and fight club apps and i think they are good apps and so far for me they are good apps but weirdly enough i keep getting this issue when exporting and importing files and its weird i cant tell if its intentional or if its buggy but i transferred one character and their spells weren't added. Plus other stuff but I cant remember now. Another issue is i have adobe acrobat and I'm easily able to read the character sheet pdfs yet the one you get from making a character in fight club doesn't actually work.

Its a bit buggy and shows that i have saving throws and other stuff but not actual showing what the stats are. Example: Saving throws Blank box just says saving throw. It occasionally works and shows some of the stats but its only getting worse. Mainly applies to player characters from fight club and fight club character sheets the one u turn into a pdf. Backup systems good. Its saved my backups i dont know if characters are good on that or just as broken but thats on the same app so it most likely works and thats not import. But good tho. And the app itself is great!

Roll for initiative Shrouded from human sight, elves of the forest have congregated here for centuries. Dungeon II: Mechanical ambience. Deep in the heart of the mountain, ancient machines groan and clank with deadly precision. Cold wind, dry branches, hardy birds. A quiet meditation on winter's tranquility, or a stark backdrop to adventure.

Lively Cafe ambience. A cornerstone of 21st century culture, the humble coffee shop. A place to relax, read, caffinate. Come for the free wi-fi, stay for the lattes. Holiday celebrations in a small snowy town. Sewers ambience. Dank and teeming with the foul and pestilent denizens of darkness. Bring extra torches. Lucha Libre!

Dungeons and Dragons Wallpaper

Lucha Libre, the masked, high flying spectacle, is embedded deep in the very soul of Mexican culture. Shakespeare Save Add Play. Nightmare ambience. The darkness seethes and writhes about you as you gasp for air. Waking up is a matter of finding the right door. The joint is jumping and the gin is flowing so gussy yourself up and give the heavy at the door your password. A blacksmith's shoppe was crucial to the life of a village. From shoeing horses to making armor and weapons. Some even yanked the odd tooth Save Add Play. Medieval Battle ambience.

Two armies meet on the battlefield. Standards wave, drums pound. Steel, horses and bones clash in the fight for supremacy. Steampunk Airship ambience. Designed by the greatest watchmaker in Olde-Town, the airship "Gulliver" will ferry you above the fray in style!

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Twisting arcs of rusted steel rise, wavelike, over a ruined landscape. A windblown monument to happier times. Alchemist's Lab ambience. Through the haze of bubbling flasks, cages of animals and reams of parchment, a hooded figure bends low over a table muttering strange words. Docks District ambience. The person you're supposed to meet is always somewhere in the docks district. Gather your party and venture forth! A shambling mass of former humans lurches through the snow, drawn to the scent of your flesh.

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Can you hold them off? Medieval Library ambience. Bearded men hunch over scrolls and books, quills scratching quietly. Outside the weather turns slightly and no one notices. Monster Attack! Offshore nuclear testing has resulted in a wave of monster attacks throughout the city!

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Run for your lives! Coiled and half buried on a towering mound of treasure, an ancient red dragon slumbers. You should probably let it be. The Age of Steam ambience. A long hiss from a massive locomotive blankets the platform in thick white mist while porters scurry about with baggage carts. Forest: Night ambience.

Gentle breezes wafting through the trees overhead, the sounds of the night spill forth like jewels. You don't belong here You don't know how you got here There's been a mistake Yeah, that's what everybody says. The Royal Salon, France, early 18th Century: a minefield of verbal sparring, whispered plots and social combat. Tread carefully Save Add Play. You and your party creep along the twisting, torch-lit hallways of the abandoned mine. Pro tip: let the barbarian lead. A treacherous path through towering mountain peaks is the only way through.

Pray your supplies don't run out, and your party stays together.

Industrial Shipyard ambience. Massive derricks heave containers from cargo ships overhead, while all manner of human activity occurs down below.

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When not being overrun by filthy orcses, Middle Earth can be a beautiful place. The massive viewports on this orbital platform allow for breathtaking views of this sectors' impressive stellar phenomena. Dark and Stormy ambience. Bulwer-Lytton Save Add Play.

D&D Beyond

Across space and time, a verdant world has evolved without mankind.