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You now have all the knowledge you need to book a cheap car rental for your next trip, leaving you more money to spend on fun things. I like the idea of using the card that offers the insurance, because most people forget to do this. You can save a lot of money and be insured in case of any minor or major damage.

I rented a car from Turo on my trip to Maui. Would never find a better deal from the rental companies. Basically people rent out their own cars, like Airbnb but with cars. Actually your guideline is really awesome. Thanks for sharing great info. As a Costco member I have had great success renting cars through their Travel Page. You have to be a member to use the Costco Travel page though.

Thank you! I use this post every time I rent a car and we get great deals! I also check turo, and every once in a while it is a better deal, but it seems to depend on the city. Thanks again for sharing this great advice! If you have a Chase Ultimate Rewards account, it sounds like you can find some really good rates on car rentals.

Hey Trav et all — any advice for renting a truck for moving purposes? I am looking to rent a moving truck from the Philadelphia area and drive it one way to Atlanta.

Any tips or suggestions? If you already have an AA mileage account Hertz will send you discount codes for booking car rentals. So always check with all your mileage clubs to see what kind of car rental savings they offer, either through partnerships or if you book directly through their website. Hi, I live in China, travel to Netherlands often.

5 Tips For Renting A Car And Saving Money

Best of it… they deliver the car to the airport, and pick it up at YOUR convenience call 1 hour ahead of arrival. They cooperate with Europcar, but their rates AND their conditions are way better. Once I forgot my wallet and they shipped it for me back to China. Damage: Euro. Are they located in various places throughout the world, or only in Netherlands? Also, if you reserve months ahead of your trip, keep checking rates as you get closer to the time of your trip. The rates may drop and you can book at the new lower rate and cancel the old, more expensive reservation. Robin Gronsky- Great point.

Almost all car rentals will let you cancel your reservation and rebook at a cheaper rate, so it never hurts to check every few days or so. This is certainly a great chain of smart ideas for beating down car rental costs. I rent for a month to 3 months at a crack.

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Usually, you can get great prices, whether it be on cars, accommodations, or anything else. And if you are renting longer term, you can always negotiate. Do you have a specific website or tricks you use for finding those smaller firms when you go to an area?

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Alan C says. Also ask if there is any way to get the car cheaper. The answers I received were useful. Car rentals have unlimited miles. NEVER hurts to ask, and I think the miles or less can be extremely useful for a lot of people who need a rental car for only a few days or for just around town.

Thanks for all this great information. Looking forward to putting this new found knowledge to work. My comment is based on two accidents in rentals cars, neither being my fault. Then you cannot use the primary insurance that the credit card could provide. Read the fine print in the rental contract and you will see it spelled out. Then pay the rest with points. That way, the card will pay for the auto insurance if full. Check with your credit card to make sure that I am correct on this. I travel to ski a couple of times each winter. I find it extremely difficult to determine if your car has 4 WD or not.

It is a necessity to get over Donner Summit in California or you have to buy chains.

15 Tips for Getting Cheap Car Rentals Every Time

To ensure you are getting a 4WD you have to reserve a gas guzzling land yacht that costs more than your lodging and ski passes do for the week. Anyone dealt successfully with this one? Bill Maloney- I would think the easiest way to know if it has 4WD is to call up the rental car company and try to book it through them. Whenever I show up at the Hertz counter the agent always remarks what I good rate I have. Great post, and very helpful information! North-america Usa-california.

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Secured payment guarantee Booking of any class cars Multi-language support. Ontario West. Ontario East. Why use EconomyBookings. The details you provide for making a booking are strictly confidential being secured by SSL encryption technology. We offer you to choose from a wide variety of car classes new high quality vehicles meeting your needs and budget best. Multi-language support. Our multi-lingual call center is ready to assist you whatever your question is and wherever you are in the world. No data. How to Find Cheap Rental Cars in Ontario, CA The Ontario Airport is the cheapest location in Ontario, California to book your rental car, though you can also often find fairly good rates in Ontario East, particularly for longer-term rental car contracts.

Tips to Driving Your Rental Car in Ontario, California Ontario, California is just one municipality in the arid Inland Empire, a group of cities and neighborhoods that provides housing to the huge number of employees that commute to Los Angeles each morning. Rush hour in Ontario, California: Particularly because so many residents of Ontario work outside of the city, rush hour westbound is pretty bad in the mornings. Avoid driving in the direction of Los Angeles between 7 and 9 in the morning.

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Most residents of Ontario return from Los Angeles between 4 and 7 pm. I did that on my last car rental from Sydney without any issues.

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If you use a certain credit card to pay for your rental car, you may not need to pick up the insurance, as the credit card company does that for you.