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The trooper alleged he detected the strong odor of alcohol and red bloodshot, glassy eyes and conducted a DWI investigation. I was proud to represent KS in this matter and he was very pleased that I got his DWI charge dismissed completely with no probation or jail time. Possession of Marijuana—Travis County—Dismissed Police say RC had less than two ounces of marijuana in his possession and charged him with the class B misdemeanor.

We were able to get the charges completely dismissed with the completion of an 8 hour class and a little community service up front to keep his record clean. Because he lived out of state we agreed to do some community service up front and the State dismissed the charge outright. Possession of Marijuana—Travis County—Dismissed TG was arrested downtown outside a nightclub when police allegedly found some weed in his pocket. The trooper saw an open container in the truck and smelled alcohol so he made JN exit the vehicle and complete field sobriety tests. JN did not perform the walk and turn or one leg stand but admitted to drinking beer earlier in the day.

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He was subsequently arrested and charged with a DWI first. Driving While Intoxicated—Travis County—Dismissed TM and his wife were driving home from dinner one night when he was pulled over for speeding. TM hired me to represent him on this DWI and we went to work. The state agreed to dismiss the DWI with a plea to a lesser charge. MR found my website online and contacted me for representation. They ordered him out of the car, arrested him for Public Intoxication, found marijuana in the car and he was charged accordingly.

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JM had a family member reach out to me to get him out of jail, we found problems with the arrest, and both charges were subsequently dismissed without JM having to come back to Austin for court. He performed well on the field sobriety tests and the police still arrested him and procured a search warrant for his blood to test for alcohol. The test was over the legal limit but the case was still strong. MM did not know that his license was suspended because he was never notified. One day while driving he was pulled over and aressted for Driving While License Suspended.

As soon has he was released from jail he paid his surcharges and his license was reinstated. We went to Court, showed proof to the County Attorney that his license had been reinstated and his surcharges were caught up and the State agreed to dismiss all charges. An off duty officer working security at a fast food restaurant stopped J.

He then made J. She performed reasonably well on the sobriety tests but was still arrested for DWI. After she arrived at the Travis County Jail, B. One job of an attorney is to be able to know what needs to be done to get your client the best deal out there and more importantly, how to do it. I was able to get B.

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However, at the end of the 15 months, so long as she commits no new offenses, the reduced charge will be dismissed as well. Remember when you are on a boat in a public waterway, the police can stop your boat anytime to conduct safety checks and make sure you have enough life jackets, fire extinguisher, and the proper flotation devices.

This is a legal detention and, in my experience, most BWI arrests in Texas occur as a result of these safety checks. When the police boarded M. LCRA took M. The tests were recorded on a handheld video camera.

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I pointed out to them that a jury may not be real pleased to see people being put on trial with a breath sample under the legal limit and we were able to get the charge dismissed and a deferred adjudication on a Reckless boating, which is far less severe than a BWI conviction. The investigation began because the officer said WL failed to dim his headlights quick enough so he pulled him over.

Although WL appeared on video to perform the tests pretty good, he was still arrested. On the ride to the jail the officer told WL that if he refused to give a breath specimen then the trooper would get a sample from him one way or another. Fearing the officer would forcibly take his blood, WL provided a breath sample that was greater than. M in Austin while she was a passenger in a vehicle. The officer conducted a search on the vehicle with no Probable Cause.

After investigating the facts and circumstances of the traffic stop, I approached the prosecutor handling the case with the issues presented and he agreed to dismiss the case with no classes, and no probation. Remember you always have the right to refuse a search of your house, car, and person. Never consent to give away your privacy and exercise your rights. The problem is that C. This is how easy it is to be arrested for DWI. The State was granted a continuance.

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Neighbors heard a disturbance coming from her apartment and called When police arrived they found a bloody and messy crime scene. Expunge a Criminal Record in Travis County By successfully expunging your criminal record, you will be able to legally say that you were not charged for, or convicted of a crime on any applications for employment or housing. Reasons to Restore your Civil Rights in Texas Expunging an offense from your criminal record in Texas does not automatically restore your civil rights.

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Find An Expungement Attorney How to choose a good expungement attorney online: Check the state bar records for a valid license and a discipline report Make sure the street address on the bar records matches the billing address Have the protection of paying with a credit card Make sure the attorney has a street address Ask if the attorney has malpractice insurance Questions to Ask When Choosing a Record Clearing Attorney: Do they offer a flat fee or hourly rate? Are they able to provide any free expungement eligibility tests?

Otherwise you will end up paying for an analysis of your case. Does the price include filing fees? Will the attorney go to court for you? Does the attorney specialize in record clearing? Does the attorney have experience clearing records with the court that will be overseeing your case? Who will handle your case?

What are the Benefits of Expunction? What can I expect with Expunction? Text Us Call Us. Who can see my Criminal History? What information shows up on my Criminal Record? Who gets my Criminal History if I'm Arrested? How can I check my Criminal Offense Record?

What are the Costs to Clear my Record? Am I eligible for Expunction or Non Disclosure? Do I need an Expunction if my case was Dismissed? How can I clear my Arrest Record in Texas? Will my Juvenile Record be Sealed when I turn 18? Our Reviews.