Horn relay location in a car

I have now temporarily disconnected the wires from the horns themselves. Using a test lamp I now know the horns is not on.

How to Wire 12V Horn Relay Wiring Harness

I can hear a relay pickup near the underdash fuse box when the horn buttons are pressed. But it doesn't seem to be any of the relays you can access from the front. Any ideas? I have a Mk1, and the Haynes manual shows the horn relay in the under bonnet fuse box!

1955 Chevy Horn Relay Wiring

Being the anorak I am I decided to try Google. It came up with entries on Club Jazz Feb 27th where it does list problems with horns. I am sorry I do not know the procedure to access this quickly perhaps a more learned member might be able to help. Has your driver air bag been replaced lately? If it has I suggest the dealer that did the job can sort the problem out FOC Unfortunately if it is the horn push then it means a lot of extra care if you tackle it yourself due to the airbag.


I would strongly recommend reading the online manual before tackling the area of the steering wheel. Jocko is quite correct re the fuse box under the bonnet.

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Fuse number 3 on the battery is a 20a that is for the horn and hazard lights. Good luck.

Latest Posts. SMF 2. Big problem when you have such a small car. I tested the horns by running a wire directly from the battery to the horns and they worked fine.

Location of the Horn Relay: Electrical Problem 4 Cyl Two Wheel

I went next to check the relay and I looked next to the clutch reservoir expecting to find two relays, one for the bulb check and the other the horn relay, and instead found an empty bracket. Were the '77 spitfires horn relay located differently from previous vintages, or is this an evil plot by the PO? Sponsored Links. Re: Horn relay location? That's where it should be living!

How to Replace a Horn Relay

Trace the wire from the steering wheel and if it hasn't been eliminated then you should find it. Check for power while in there. Just because we can, does not mean we should. Dave Braun. It should be here at least it is on a 74 : See picture.

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  • The little one above is the hazard flasher. Close up of relay installation before heater goes in. Flatlander Gary Lien. I sorted out the wiring in my 77 about three years ago and was perplexed by this same question as I have no relays in this area. If I remember correctly I don't believe I found them on the wiring diagram.

    Connect a Fused Jumper

    Gary, did you go ahead and install the relay? I'm thinking I'm going to find the horn wired through the horn button. If there should be a relay, then I'm going to have to rewire it and install the relay. If the horns are grounded and you applied power and they worked then a completed circuit switched on via the horn ring should be all you need.

    Power from source to one side of switch then a good circuit to horn TinDrum Herald Ma. Top Contributor. Hi Jim, if you've got the late steering column with the TR7 switch gear, then there will be no horn relais. The horn is activated by one of the stalk switches push , not by the horn button in the center of the steering wheel.

    Herald, there's no horn ring in center of wheel, just the push button on the stalk.

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    Are you saying I shouldn't have a horn relay? If so, then it's either bad wiring or a bad push button. Yes, the later cars don't use a horn relais! Could be a problem in the wiring, fuse or the switch. Jim, The horn is activated by the stalk on the left side of the column. Mine had been fried at some point prior to my purchasing and I had to replace it.