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It was a typical Thursday night, I had just got home from my shift at the police station and Taylor was closing up her bakery for the night.

Like I said, it was Thursday so that meant our girls had a softball game to go to. I called Taylor and said I would take the girls to their game and she made plans to go to the grocery store and pick up a few things for dinner.

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Each year we help dozens of families honor their loved ones and say goodbye. We often get asked, what can I do for those who are grieving? One of the things we suggest is cooking or providing the grieving family with food. For any occasion, food always brings people together and is a central part of most events. Think about it, a meal is always a part of a wedding, a birthday, baptism, or graduation. Food is an important part of life, especially when a person is grieving. Oftentimes people in grief are so drained that they do a poor job of taking care of themselves, and this includes eating properly.

A quality wholesome meal could be one of the most beneficial things you can provide a grieving family. Every day, as I walk through this process with families, I notice things that are helpful for them and things that are not! NO ONE intends to make loss harder for someone, but so often they do. Going to a funeral can sometimes breed uncomfortable feelings. It is hard to know how to respond to death and loss, so when it becomes your turn to offer words of comfort to the family there is a tendency to blurt out whatever you have heard other people say.

When someone has died - information for you

Unfortunately, other people dont necessarily know what to say either. This series of blog posts and info-graphics, is meant to help us all be more intentional about how we respond to death and loss. If we can change our negative habits into favorable ones, we will not only eliminate our own feelings of awkwardness, but help families who have experienced a loss heal in the best possible way.

Be looking for these posts, because every grieving person needs a rock , someone to lean on in this hard time, and that rock could be you. Christmas is sacred: a time for joy, celebration, giving, and love. There is always so much anticipation associated with this grand holiday.

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Every one of us has our own stories and our own memories of Christmas. For many, those stories and memories are lavished in joy. For others, the memories of Christmas are stained with sadness and even loss. The majority of MY Christmases are overflowing with nothing but utter happiness, as is most of my unbelievably blessed life.

How to Find Out if Someone Died in Your House

However, one of my Christmas memories is soured by grief and sadness because it was the last time that I saw someone that I loved very much. I remember every detail of the day that I found out I lost him. I was only a freshman in college, waking up with a whole list of class-related worries, in a tiny dorm room. Looking back, those concerns were so small and pointless. On my way to class my sister called because she needed to meet me, and because I had a test, I was reluctant to say the least.

However, when I saw her, she looked worried and my mind immediately went to all the people I love. In an instant fear struck me. This news made me hurt in ways I had never felt before. But the memories of Codi Ray Jackson are nothing but sweet, and I have so many of them; a million stories about that dark haired boy that I grew up with, started school with, cheered on the sidelines for, and loved with all my heart.

On November 11th , the armistice was signed signally an end to the Great War or what would later become known as World War I. This was a monumental day in history and one that has been recognized every year since.

The day was originally referred to by President Wilson as Armistice Day, and was created as a way to recognize and remember both those that survived the war and those that perished. In , the day was officially renamed to Veterans Day. Memorial Day is dedicated to remembering those that have died in battle or as a result of their wounds. Veterans Day is a day to think about all veterans, both those living and those that have passed. It is a time to thank them for their service and the sacrifices they have made for our nation.

If it were not for the bravery and dedication displayed by the members of our military, we would not be able to enjoy the freedoms that we do.


And for that, we say thank you. This year, we want to help give back by providing you with different ways you can say thanks to the veterans in your life. Whether it is directly or indirectly, everyone is connected in some way or another to a member of the military.

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By taking part in one of the ten activities listed below, you are not only recognizing military personnel for the sacrifices they make, but also saying thanks for everything that they do. The loss of a loved one is never easy. In many cases, attending a funeral can make the experience that much more difficult. A funeral is often somber with many guests being overcome with sadness and grief.

When you register a death you will need to provide personal information for yourself and your loved one, including passport number, date of issue and place of issue.

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Before beginning the repatriation process, it is important to check whether your loved one had taken out travel insurance. Most travel insurance policies include repatriation insurance, which could help with fees and other expenses. If your loved one was on a package holiday, the tour operator may know details of their travel insurance and any repatriation cover.

If you want to hold a funeral for your loved one in the UK, they will need to be repatriated. You will need the following documentation for repatriation:. When a foreign death certificate is issued in a language other than English, it will need to be professionally translated to be accepted by the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the UK. Without this translated document, your loved one cannot be buried or cremated in the UK.

A coroner may be contacted to examine your loved one once they return to the UK.

Information on Death and Burial Records in the UK

This is a common procedure when a death happens unexpectedly, and it is often conducted to verify the cause of death. In most cases, you will be asked to submit the translated foreign death certificate to the registry office closest to where you plan to have the funeral. And some selling agents will go the extra mile, disclosing deaths that occurred even outside the prescribed window of time simply because it's a material consideration for many buyers.

Keep in mind that some classes are protected, such as sellers who've died from AIDS. Sellers should disclose the death if it happened within three years in California, but the cause of death is confidential if it was due to AIDS.

2. Register the death

Find a real estate agent to ask or check with a real estate lawyer to determine the laws in your state. There's at least one good website out there, DiedinHouse. The site will search almost million records for you, including homes in all 50 states. But if you don't want to spend the money, you might try asking neighbors or checking the home's title, which should give you a full list of anyone who's ever owned the property. You can then check the list against public records. And, of course, it won't be a mystery at all if the seller is named as "the estate of It's estimated that a non-natural death can drop a home's market value by as much as 25 percent, but it might have the opposite effect.

This was the home where a 6-year-old girl was strangled and bludgeoned, her body left lifeless in the basement. Fingers pointed to various family members, at least in the court of public opinion. But it sold again shortly thereafter to the daughter of TV evangelist Robert Schuller for more than a million dollars. The first buyers even changed the number of the house address. That tactic didn't help the second buyer, however.