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Just because its big and you happen to know about it, it becomes a exception? The forums and a few others are just as big and some are three times bigger but just because you cant see pics of some underaged chick they are not aloud? I dont see it as fair at all. I vividly agree, Both should be aloud or both should be deleted period! So what just because someone agrees you decide to call him names??

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It doesnt make sense, so your saying if that forum got media behind it than it would be ok? Well look around gaming sites and see for yourself.

What about playstation. It has more members than myspace will ever have and yet you guys would probably delete that as well.

Myspace is safe, but not all that safe as people make it seem. The person who wrote the summary on myspace misinformed you about how profiles set to 14 and 15 are automatically set to private. This is completely untrue.

How to Hack a MySpace Account

Users on myspace have a choice on whether or no they want their profile open to the community or not. But on the other hand when a user request to be your friend you have the option of accepting it or not. Privacy settings can be changed at all times. And parents if you want to find out if your child has a profile on myspace Go To Myspace. Then type in the name of the person that you seek. There's mainly only kids on there anyway.

And kids today are smarter than they seem. They would only add people they know. You also are able at times to view private profiles there are people coming out with codes on a regular basis to try to view profiles and myspace sometimes then is able to block those codes So as much as youd like to think your profile is private there are ways around it and parents should always be monitoring their kids Now, they should say users with their age set to have their profile set to private by default. For some reason this article doesn't include that infamous Florida teen beating video ; the site did play a role in it.

Does that have any place here, or should it be covered somewhere else? I am quite surprised that Wikipedia has no article covering that subject yet. Should they have their own pages since they are different services from the main site? Mteague93 talk , 11 November UTC. Why is there no mention of myspace buying imeem? The article reads, "A special type of modification is a div overlay, where the default layout is dramatically changed by hiding default text with.

Laval talk , 11 February UTC. See Commercial mail receiving agency they're also known as mail drops. Their address is actually a mailbox in the UPS Store in the strip mall at the northeast corner of the intersection of N. Orlando Ave. I'm not sure how they do it in Canada, but in the U.

This is not difficult; it only took me five minutes to figure this out with a few well-crafted searches on Google! P or is she gone? The Article states that from March myspace will become a music store with 30 second clips of songs.

Myspace? More like Everyonespace.

This obviously isn't true. I read Danah Boyd 's article titled "Why Youth Heart Social Networks" in which she speaks about how students use myspace as a way for teenagers to escape a rule and authority based society in order to express themselves and even to mature. I think this is a very important aspect about Myspace that should be mentioned on the wikipedia page, what do you think? Myspace, over the last few months, has noticeable lost popularity. I am wondering if a section of this wikipedia article could have information concerning this.

Or is this quote from the article good enough? Backtable Speak to me concerning my deeds.

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There was an interview in the German Newsmagazine "Der Spiegel" with someone from the Washington Post or so, concerning the future of Print Media, who was also saying that the developments in the virtual community were very fast, as for example Myspace was once a Big Player in the virtual great game, and was a nobody by now. However, some more data, facts and reliable and valuable quotes would be necessary to write something like this down here in Wikipedia. Any one care to revamp this article?

It will need it.

How to Log Into My Old MySpace Account : The Tech Factor

I just received an email from myspace telling me that any one with 1. Here is the contents of that letter.

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There are no longer million myspace users so why reference it? His name only appears one place on this page and his bio on the Pawn Stars page does not mention Myspace. I think someone is messing with you. Thank you, MySpace recently updated their logo yesterday, consisting of the word "my" followed by a fill-in-the-blank space. Should probably use the old or current logo used by the site until the change, maybe put new one in relevant section?

Seems odd as it is.

How to Recover Your Myspace Account If You Forget the Password

Or other way round? It looks like it is the leaked image from a few weeks ago, and it most likely retrieved from a badly angled photo.

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I'm afraid I don't know how to change pictures I'll work it out in the sandbox , so if anyone stumbles across this before then Sam talk , 28 October UTC. The New Version of the Registration won't let people register! Please message me about this problem. Thank you,. First off, this isn't a help forum. Second, you didn't sign your post by typing four tildes. Lucasoutloud talk , 6 November UTC. That helped promote international music throughout the globe, globalizing the music scene easier than before". I'm going to go ahead and credit the Beatles with promoting 'international' music.

Y'know, being Brits in the USA. I was going to say "it sounds like it was written by Myspace marketing" but I would hope one of the employees could form a more coherent advertisement. I believe that in the "Youtube" section of the article, "Alexa Internet" should be simplified as "Alexa". Also there is a typo in section music: "In March , listening to the full song in the search results has been disable and had been replaced by 30 second samples.