How should a mother look after herself during pregnancy

But many mothers may be so tired or busy that food gets forgotten. So, it is essential to plan simple and healthy meals that include choices from all of the recommended groups from Choose My Plate. Department of Health and Human Services have prepared the following food plate to guide you in selecting foods.

The My Plate icon is divided into five food group categories, emphasizing the nutritional intake of the following:. Foods that are made from wheat, rice, oats, cornmeal, barley, or another cereal grain are grain products. Examples include whole wheat, brown rice, and oatmeal. Vary your vegetables. Choose a variety of vegetables, including dark green, red, and orange vegetables, legumes peas and beans , and starchy vegetables.

Any fruit or percent fruit juice counts as part of the fruit group. Fruits may be fresh, canned, frozen, or dried, and may be whole, cut-up, or pureed. Milk products and many foods made from milk are considered part of this food group.

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Focus on fat-free or low-fat products, as well as those that are high in calcium. Go lean on protein. Choose low-fat or lean meats and poultry. Vary your protein routine--choose more fish, nuts, seeds, peas, and beans.

Weeks 6 to 10 of Your Pregnancy: Care Instructions

Oils are not a food group, yet some, such as nut oils, contain essential nutrients and can be included in the diet. Others, such as animal fats, are solid and should be avoided. Please note that the My Plate plan is designed for people over the age of 2 who do not have chronic health conditions. Although most mothers want to lose their pregnancy weight, extreme dieting and rapid weight loss can be hazardous to your health and to your baby's if you are breastfeeding.

It can take several months for a mother to lose the weight she gained during pregnancy. This can be accomplished by cutting out high-fat snacks and concentrating on a diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, balanced with proteins and carbohydrates.

Exercise also helps burn calories and tone muscles and limbs. Along with balanced meals, breastfeeding mothers should increase fluids. Many mothers find they become very thirsty while the baby is nursing. If you smoke , the baby gets exposed and doesn't grow as well. If you are chronically stressed or depressed , your body's responsive hormones cause a cascade of negative effects on your baby. If you eat poorly , the baby is at risk for poor growth. It isn't selfish to take time to exercise or to get an adequate sleep each night.

Taking Care of You and Your Baby While You're Pregnant

My mom is a trusting soul, she often ran at AM. Looking back, now that I am a mom, three things about that memory are clear:. I no longer think she was crazy for running at AM. It was the only down time she had as a mom, and she took advantage of it rather that choosing not to exercise. That police man really was nice! Thank you officer for keeping her safe, so she could grow up to be a grandma! When I first became a mom, I didn't exercise.

I felt it was selfish to take time away from the kids to do something for myself. I " didn't have time to exercise and be a good mom" with three little children. Honestly, some days it seemed to take an act of God to get 10 minutes to shower. When my triplets turned 2, I realized I wasn't strong enough to pull the wagon with all three of them, so I started going to the gym.

Going to the gym not to take care of myself mind you, but to be able to take care of them. If I never drank water, how could I ask them to drink 8 glasses a day? And so, like my mother had, I began to figure out how to find time to exercise even when I didn't feel like I had time. I also realized, like the spokes on my bike wheels, that one effort can branch into so much goodness. Biking has made me feel healthier and have more energy. My clothes fit better, and what woman doesn't like that?

Building your strength after birth

I have a whole new group of friends to ride with, or as my one bike friend's husband says "to get out on the road and solve the world's problems" together. If you look at all of that through the eyes of your little buckaroo who is "watching you" and "wants to be just like you," know you truly are being a good mom by being a good example. Nutrition and Exercise During Pregnancy. Overcoming Obstacles to Physical Activity. Kelly L. You can find your best way, and you will have an easier time doing so if you hear about positive experiences.

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Hire a midwife. Even if you think you might not be a candidate for homebirth or midwife-attended birth in the hospital, it is good to start with a midwife first. A midwife will spend more time with you early on, will give you more information about nutrition and taking care of yourself in pregnancy, and will give you a confident start to your pregnancy. If problems arise, your care can be transferred to an OB if necessary. Hire a doula. No matter where you are planning on giving birth or who your caregiver is, it is a good idea to have someone on your birth team who is focused primarily on the emotional and comfort issues of birth and does not have the responsibility of clinical care.

A doula can also help everyone at the birth to be more comfortable, even if there is a midwife doing most of the labor support for mom. When telling people about your pregnancy, take the official due date and add two weeks to it. This serves two functions. Normal pregnancy is between 38 and 42 weeks long. This means that 50 percent of first time moms deliver more than a week late!

Even with subsequent pregnancies, a majority of women go past the due date, with three days late being average, and up to 14 days late being normal. Ask questions about your care. Whenever a test or procedure is recommended such as ultrasound, blood test, amniocentesis, etc. If you would not be willing to take the recommended action for a positive test, is there a good reason to take the test?

There may be, or there may not. It is important to understand the concepts of informed choice and informed consent.

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You and your family are ultimately the ones who have to live with the consequences of choices about your care. Almost every test in the book has good reasons for either doing the test or avoiding the test, depending on your personal situation, priorities and choices. Every test carries risks, and there are some risks also in not knowing.

When it comes to the nitty-gritty messy physical work of giving birth, the best thing you can do is put your intellect out the window and let your body do the work it knows down to the bone how to do. You can do it in your sleep. Likewise, women are perfectly capable of giving birth without any conscious direction at all. What will help your baby be born? Your body will tell you what you need to do, if you let it.