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Escort Mission : With varying degrees of scrappyness ; most of the time the escort-ee cannot actually be attacked, sometimes they are a powerful ally and capable of taking care of themselves, and sometimes they run off and attack every foe in sight like an idiot. Hi, Lady Jane! My completely full team on the lowest difficulty level is here to help you, even with the Circle of Thorns being absolutely ridiculous at this level , I hope we ca— Oh. You've died.

Thankfully, they managed to tone her down in an update. And even if she does die, you are still handed the item you came for "just before she teleports out. However, Infernia is such a chatterbox serving as Ms. Exposition for what happened to Omega Team after the portal closed that a good number of teams simply let the ambushes kill her and be done with it. Subverted if you take Westin Phipps' missions, which have you acting even worse.

Double subverted if you choose to fail the last mission of his Francine Primm Story Arc , letting Ms.

Primm escape to Paragon City in order to continue teaching reformed villains. If you do so, she sends you her syllabus and writes "It's never too late" on the back. As a Villain you can't hurt civilians. Although The Lost is a villain group that consists of a great deal of homeless people Even a literal demonic spider hates Nazis. Most of the Rogue alignment missions are this.

Everything Fades : The devs keep this vague on purpose; the official terminology is "defeat", which leaves the implication that a player can decide what fate his character inflicts on unfortunate opponents, from teleportation to the local Cardboard Prison Zigursky Federal Penitentiary to leaving them roughed up but alive to leaving thousands of corpses in your wake. Exactly how you non-lethally subdue someone with a powerset that is primarily Lethal damage such as Assault Rifle or Broadsword is never explained.

This changes in Going Rogue. There are several instances in Praetoria where you're given the option to kill people. Not defeat, kill. Most of them for treason. There is even a hero side mission in the starting zone of issue 21 where you get a "arrest" or "kill" option. Evil Minions : Enemies even spawn in a "Minion" class.

Also, play a Mastermind, and you get your own army of them. Inverted with the good minions certain high-level heroes get.

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As of Going Rogue, you could have Good or at least Anti-Heroic masterminds from Pretoria, or evil masterminds turned good. Later story developments reveal that most of them are not really evil, merely misguided or selfish. You can meet your own as of Issue Evil vs. Evil : Many of City of Villains ' missions, including just about all of the Newspaper missions. Excalibur : In the Primal universe, it's a weapon with a long history, entrusted to a noble British family by the fae, and passed down to each male-line descendant. The last two wielders were Hero One active in the s and s , and his son, Hero When Hero-1 led the Omega Team in a desperate battle against the Rikti during which he disappeared and was presumably killed , he entrusted the blade to Miss Liberty so it wouldn't fall into Rikti hands.

Liberty, the trainer in the hero starting zone and Miss Liberty's daughter , now has Excalibur on her belt.

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She is unable to use it herself, but she holds on to it in case Hero-1 should ever return. The fae aren't happy about this, but they haven't taken the blade back Later, you can help Hero-1's Praetorian counterpart Pendragon find the Praetorian version of Excalibur which appears as a gigantic two-handed weapon rather than the broadsword it was in the main universe , and he does use it. It's been corrupted and almost immediately takes over his mind.

You have to fight him as a boss later on. He eventually splits into good and evil halves, with the evil half wielding the corrupted Excalibur and the good half wielding a standard two-handed sword. The Praetorian version of Excalibur was also a visual option for a player using the Titan Weapon powerset, but it had to be found and unlocked as a random drop from beating Nega-Pendragon.

Expanded Universe : Comics, novels, and even HeroClix figures. Expansion Pack : City of Villains ; marketed as an "expanshalone", since it could be played as a separate game. The game's major updates known as Issues fall in this category as well, happily adding a full pack's worth of content for free each time.

Going Rogue was a traditional paid expansion pack, though it was available in a Complete Edition with the base CoX game, bonus costume pack , and 30 days of game time that players got if they already owned the base game. Experience Penalty : The penalty for dying was gaining "Experience Debt". While in debt, half of the XP you earned would instead go toward working it off. Its mascots are an Arachnos-employed demon summoner who was lied to about her mother's death and a heroic Knight Templar superhero who became an insane vigilante.

You can even have a hero turn into a villain then work their way back into being a hero again! The same is true of villains. Faceless Eye : Some of the inhabitants of the Shadow Shard. Fate Worse than Death : If you're lucky, Metronome just wants to kill you.

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If you're not , he wants to rip out your soul and shove it into a robot body. Feelies : Including Hero Clix of the signature characters. Fetch Quest : Plenty of them, the repeatable ones often revolving around "Beat up this many members of a gang" but many also requiring you to be some kind of Fed-ex service between researchers, even though you'd be better off fighting crime. There are some seriously lazy people living in that city. Fighting a Shadow : The "shadows" are actually a basic boss for the Nemesis faction - being the Magnificent Bastard that their titular leader is, his Power Armors have a very advanced AI that can work on its own.

Flashback : Via the aptly-named Flashback system, complete with sepia tones at the beginning and end of missions. Flying Firepower : mix a range ability with flight, and you are one. So-called "Hoverblasters" who used the defense-increasing power Hover rather than the faster Fly when in combat were a popular way of getting around the class's defensive frailty.

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Fog of War : While most zone maps are completely visible from the start, the various hazard zones must be revealed via exploration. Averted for some players in that a high-level Veteran's Reward negates this. To a far smaller degree, the Steamy Mist power from the Storm Summoning set is quite literally a small-radius movable Fog of War centered on the user's person. A full group of high level players fighting for their lives can send up a truly epic amount of particle spam, making it effectively impossible to see what is going on on your screen.

Foreshadowing : The devs have gotten very good at hinting at their plans through current updates.

On the other hand, the "Coming Storm" had been languishing in the background with seemingly no developments ever since Issue And it's apparently just the tip of the iceberg, according to Prometheus The Coming Storm was revealed as a new enemy race called The Battalion, for whom the Shivans were merely advance scouts. The Battalion was finally going to appear in person in a story arc spanning issues 25 through Also lampshaded and played straight with Foreshadow, a hero who alternates between good and evil every time he dies and is reincarnated.

Which foreshadowed Going Rogue years before it ever happened. In the Praetoria tutorial, while in the Underground, a giant glowing being can be seen standing outside an enclosed passage. He is then properly introduced around level 15 of the Praetorian story arc as Noble Savage.

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For the Evulz : The Redside villain alignment tip missions. Also the Phipps mission arc. Fragile Speedster : Pretty much any Blaster with the Speed travel power Blasters have the lowest HP of all the Archetypees, and had very few abilities available to them that can raise their defense or resistance ratings.

Synapse would be this in canon, except when you have to fight against him and he has all the HP and resistances of any Boss or Arch-Villain. Freemium : Since the Freedom expansion. The majority of the game's content really is free, but endgame content, certain archetypes, and a whole lot of costume options must be paid for.

Also, anyone who's never spent any money on the game labors under some extra limitations. Friendly Fireproof : You can't set team-mates or hostages on fire. Unless your power is setting allies on fire. Enemy NPCs with Confuse powers can force you to treat them this way. Gambit Roulette : Lord Nemesis.

Game-Breaker : Incarnate abilities are this in-universe, especially the fully-developed, not-controlled-by-the-Well version. Players will never get the full extent shown in one future flashback mission where Archvillains the toughest regular foes in the game are defeated with laughable ease. Gathering Steam : The playstyle of Brutes, essentially. Incoming and outgoing attacks, hit or miss, cause the Brute to build up Fury; the higher their Fury, the higher their damage output.

They're essentially encouraged to string along fight after fight as long as possible to maintain that Fury uptime, at the cost of not having any downtime to regenerate health or endurance between said fights. Gem Tissue : The Devouring Earth have crystal monsters, ranging in size from the shards of once-defeated crystal monsters to the giant Crystal Titan.

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Gender Bender : Possible with the third booster pack, Super Science. Specifically, what it lets you do is alter the gender of your character into any of the three available "Huge" is considered a separate gender by the game , and you can make this choice individually for each costume slot you have.

So you can have one costume be male, one be female, and one be huge, all on the same character. Without the pack, gender and height are unchangeable once you've left the character creator Fusion and Jane Temblor. Genius Bruiser : Sometimes mooks standing on the street corners will come out with hilariously insightful comments about their career path or how sometimes to be a catalyst of change you have to kick people. Get on the Boat : This is the main way to travel between areas in the Rogue Isles, but there's also some in Paragon City.

Ghost Planet : Several of the other dimensions you get to visit.