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However, there may still be a charge for finding and collecting the records. Records can only be viewed at the office of the City Clerk, E. All persons viewing records will be supervised. The City provides a counter and chairs for viewing records. Desk or table space may be available if requested in advance. No, the Sunshine Law allows for verbal requests. However, persons are strongly encouraged to put requests in writing as experience has shown that doing so makes it more likely that the information you actually want will be found. Can't I just send my request directly to the department that has the record I want?

If you do, response to your request will be delayed since all Sunshine Requests are forwarded to the City Clerk by all departments for action per in accordance with City policy.

The time frame for responding to the your request does not begin until the request has been received by the City Clerk's office. Does the City have to give me my records in three days according to the Sunshine Law?


State law allows government bodies to inform the requestor if they cannot provide the records within the three-day response time frame by giving the requestor its reason, in writing, of the need for additional time, and give an estimated time when they will be able to produce the records. Only existing records can be obtained.

Sale instructions and listings of available properties are published online approximately one month before the sale. For more detailed information or to view auction books from previous sales, go to the Real Property Tax Sale page.

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Parcels that are offered, but not sold in the 3rd sale offerings during the Collector's annual tax sale, and are not actually bid upon by the county, are held by the Collector of Revenue as "Post Third Sale Offerings". The general public is invited to bid on these properties at any time outside of the tax sale. Please note that the list of properties may be subject to change without notice. For contact and office information visit: Collection Division.

You may pay your taxes online with a checking, savings or credit card account. It is important to know that credit or debit card payments will be charged a convenience fee by our third party provider. If you are paying with a checking or savings account you will need your address, contact, identification and bank account information. The contact information includes your email address and phone number.

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The identification information will be, in most cases, your driver's license number. Your bank account information includes your account number and your bank's routing number. If you are paying with a credit card account you will need your address, contact and account information. The contact information includes your phone number and the account information includes the credit card number and the expiration date.

For more information see Begin Online Tax Payment. When paying your taxes online, none of your personal or account information is saved or recorded by any person employed by St. Louis County or in any database maintained by St. Louis County. Account information includes your bank or credit card account information. This electronic transfer functions very similarly to clearing a check. Louis County will notify its bank of your authorization for electronic payment of taxes as soon as we can.

Our bank, in turn, will notify your bank of the transaction. However, weekends, holidays or other factors could delay the actual debit appearing on your account for up to 72 hours, just as some checks take more time to clear. In general, an electronic debit should be faster than ordinary check processing. Therefore, it is all the more important that sufficient funds be in your account when you authorize the transfer. Remember, fraudulently authorizing an electronic debit is every bit as serious as writing a bad check. It could result in criminal charges.

It may take up to five business days for your payment to be posted when paying online. If you require a faster turnaround time, we recommend that you pay in person at one of our offices. The Trustee attempts to protect and recover all taxes due and prevent their loss to the taxing authorities e.

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The Trustee parcels available for bid may be viewed by clicking on the link: Inventory of Trustee Parcels. The bid form that must be completed may be viewed by clicking on the link: Bid Form. The original completed bid form must be submitted by mail or in person. Copies, facsimile copies or email copies are not accepted.

For contact and office information visit: Recorder of Deeds Division. The Office of Recorder of Deeds records and files instruments of writing affecting real property or personal property, military discharge documents and other instruments of writing. The original notarized document must be presented to the Recorder of Deeds.

The original notarized document will be returned to you within one week of the recording date. Documents may be filed via eRecording , in-person or by mail:.

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Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope unless you use eRecording. Roos County Government Building.

For the convenience of our customers, the following policy has been established for over-payments of the stated price:. Although stationery and office supply companies sell legal forms and reference books, it is highly recommended that an attorney licensed in Missouri be consulted for the completion of any legal form. The Office of Recorder of Deeds receives many inquiries from surviving spouses and other interested parties about removing the name of a deceased owner from a deed. Many factors should be considered prior to removing the name of a deceased owner, including: Trusts, future interests, taxes, etc.

The staff may check the document for the minimum statutory requirements for recording, however, the staff may not verify that the documents fulfills the intentions of the party recording the document. The staff of the Office of Recorder of Deeds may not provide legal advice. You can protect your property by enrolling in the Property Fraud Alert program, which is available to St.

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Louis County residents free of charge. After you enroll, you will be notified every time a document is recorded that contains your name. Enroll online or by calling The Recorder of Deeds Division maintains records of liens that may be recorded against property.

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Lien research can be done in person at the Office of the Recorder of Deeds. The Recorder now offers remote access to real estate records. In order to legally marry in the State of Missouri, a marriage license must be obtained prior to the ceremony. Both parties must appear in person at the same time at the Recorders of Deeds Office in Clayton. The marriage license section is open from 8 a. The marriage license section is located on the 4th floor of the Lawrence K. No appointment is necessary and the application process is approximately 15 minutes. Both parties must be at least 18 years of age.

Each applicant must present some form of government issued federal or state identification e. Also, each applicant must provide proof of a valid Social Security Number verbally, or by presenting your social security card. Blood tests are NOT required to apply for a marriage license. The fee is non-refundable and includes a keepsake license.