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Van Hollen's request for an emergency order halting the marriages. Van Hollen also appealed Crabb's decision to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and asked it to stop the ceremonies. Crabb said in rejecting Van Hollen's request for an emergency hold that clerks weren't issuing licenses because of anything she did. The judge said since she hasn't yet issued an order it's not clear what Van Hollen wants to stop. Once both sides have a chance to weigh in on the scope of the ACLU's proposed order she'll decide whether to put it on hold, she said.

The order would require state officials to let gay couples marry and to recognize gay marriages performed in other states. It also would guarantee gay couples who marry the same rights as opposite-sex couples. University of Richmond law professor Carl Tobias said Saturday he expected Crabb's order to be put on hold.

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But he noted that more than 1, couples married in Utah before a hold was issued there, and a judge recently said those marriages were valid. That decision, like others related to gay marriage, has been appealed.


Given events around the nation, Tobias said he expects the U. Supreme Court to weigh in on the issue next year. Skip to main navigation. Home News. Hide Advanced Search. Subscriber login Enter your email address. A certified death certificate, issued by the local Outagamie County bureau of vital statistics, may be required by financial institutions to close a deceased person's bank account, to file for life insurance, or to transfer car titles, registrations, and utility accounts.

Death certificates are also necessary to settle wills and estates, transfer property in WI, and arrange the deceased person's funeral. Outagamie County Death Records are an important source for family history and genealogical records searching. Wisconsin may provide online access to Death Records for individuals who passed away in Wisconsin. This information is typically limited to the individual's name, death date, and age at death. Outagamie County Death Certificates An Outagamie County death certificate is a document signed by an authorized medical professional that contains essential facts about a person's death, such as the time, place, and cause of death.

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