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Puerto Rico has been a US territory since the Americans captured it from the Spanish in , and people born here are American citizens. So after pressure from the US, Puerto Rico's legislators voted to invalidate all the old birth certificates and issue the new, secure ones starting on 1 July.

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A second reason for the huge black market was the way Puerto Rican organisations, from schools to junior sports clubs, asked for birth certificates as proof of identity and kept them on file. The new birth certificates have special anti-fraud properties which neither McClintock nor Wanda Llovet, director of Puerto Rico's Demographic Registry, would divulge, citing reasons of security.

Mrs Llovet showed me the new birth certificates, which she said were made of paper specially ordered from France, and then printed in the US, where watermarks and other unspecified security features were added.

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Only the signatures of Puerto Rico's governor and Mrs Llovet are printed on to the certificates here. Mr McClintock says the new system should prevent almost all of the identity theft experienced on the island. Now, to steal different birth certificates, you're going to have to break into different homes," he said.

At the Demographic Registry office in San Juan, Puerto Rico's capital, most people queuing to find out more about the new law seemed to support the aim of eradicating identity theft. Only one woman complained, telling me it wasn't necessary, and that it was going to take too long for her to apply for a new birth certificate.

On the US mainland, Latino Rights groups have been critical of the change, saying the invalidation of Puerto Rican birth certificates is yet another problem for Hispanics to deal with. Some Puerto Ricans living in the US say their birth certificates were rejected when they applied for a driving licence, before the new law came into effect. I asked Kenneth McClintock if making all Puerto Ricans apply for new birth certificates could lead to discrimination against those living in the 50 states.

Most certainly not, he replied. Hundreds of shoppers remain stranded at Sheffield's Meadowhall centre as floods deluge the region. Image caption Puerto Rico has been a US territory since July will mark a fresh beginning for Puerto Ricans - literally - as the government of the US territory begins issuing new birth certificates in an attempt to tackle identity theft.

Puerto Rican Birth Certificates Issued Before July 1, 2010 Declared Void

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Puerto Rican Birth Certificates Issued Before July 1, 2010 Declared Void

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