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They say they want to buy your car and they will want YOU to ship it at their expense by going through a shipping company they name.


They mail you a check for your asking price plus the shipping cost. You then wire money to the shipping company out of your account.

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Then the buyer disappears. Then a week or two later you discover that the check they gave you was forged. The money you wired to the shipping company is gone naturally there was no shipping company to begin with. Yes absolutely.

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Only to never be seen or heard from again and you car now gone for less than half the value, and that is if they pay the first part in cash. Any kind of cheque or online money transfer will be fake and will be rejected by the time the car is gone. Tell them to fly to you, give you the cash and they can ship it back themselves. Most likely a scam.

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They could just be fishing, red sports cars are very common. Everyone that needs my number already has it and I have theirs. Absolutely anyone who offers to buy your car or other valuable item sight unseen and overpay for shipping is a scammer. It's an extremely common scam. In this case they're also banking on the fact that you weren't planning on selling the car - hoping to bypass your bullshit detector by making you think this is an unexpected windfall of cash that you have to act on now.

If he wants to sell it for euro tell them if someone meets them at a local bank with euro in cash to be deposited immediatly and then the car handed over, sure. Every other scenario is a no, that handles fake cash, fake cheque, etc. They send you a check to sign the title over and ship the car, you do it, then 3 weeks later the check is found to be fraudulent and the bank takes the money back, leaving you with no car and no cash.

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No, OP will receive the money then later receive notice that the check bounced, and he will owe the bank all the money he received. Cake Day.

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Uhh, its Evan, from Red Car Wire. Listen, uhh, while I got you here, I need to talk to you about something. Uh, I was gonna, I was going to tell you at Thanksgiving, but, just with all the family around and your parents and my parents and stuff, I didn't wanna, I didn't want to get into it. You really, ehh, aww naw crap, how do I say this?

Ehh, okay, one two three, I'm going to say it, okay? One, two, three. You really need to get tested.

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