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Just because you have a criminal record in your past does not mean you will not get a job.

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The vast majority of employers are looking for the best-qualified applicant and look at prior criminal history in terms of the job you are applying for and any that risks may or may not be related to your past. Please download our Ex-Offender Whitepaper for more information. The most common drug test is via urinalysis. This is how it works. Once at the collection site, you will provide a urine specimen which is then forwarded to a certified laboratory for testing. Results may be clear or may come back indicating the presence of a specific substance and the level that was present.

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In some cases, the specimen will be rejected due to temperature, dilution or other disqualifying measurements. It is really quite simple. To begin with, ask the employer what their background check will include, so you are prepared to have all the related information in hand before you begin the online process.

Novato, CA Toll Free. Client Support Contact Sales. Buy The Book. Find out how we are different and why it should matter to you. We live our values and believe we have a moral and ethical obligation to treat those being screened according to the same standards as our clients. Applicant Support: FAQs. How long will my background check take? Can I get a copy of my report? What information is reported in a background check? What are my rights? How do I dispute my background check? Is my information safe? How do I expedite my background check?

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What if I have a criminal record? Knowledge Center. About Us. Find a Background Screening Company. Submit a Background Screening Company. Find a Vendor. Submit a Vendor. About the Vendor Showcase. International Background Screening Resource Center. Background Screening Resource Center. Background Screening Expert Insights. Background Screening Basics. Background Screening Article Library. Calendar of Events. Infinity Screening Resource Center. Free Public Resources. The Background Buzz. Buyers are not allowed to be fugitives from justice, illegal aliens, or dishonorably discharged from the military.

Anyone who receives a firearm from a pawn shop is subject by law to a background check, which will be the same as a background check done when someone purchases a firearm through any gun dealer. A licensed pawnbroker may conduct a NICS background check when someone attempts to pawn a firearm. If NICS advises the pawnbroker that the possession of a firearm by a person attempting to pawn a firearm would violate the law, the pawnbroker must advise local law enforcement within 48 hours.

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A pawnbroker cannot the return a firearm to a person who is ineligible to receive or possess firearms because of age, disability, or criminal history. Redeeming a pawned firearm is subject to all record-keeping requirements under the gun control act. Anyone who wants to buy a gun from a federally licensed firearms dealer FFL , which is the case for most pawn brokers, is subject to a background check.

A potential buyer must complete form which includes 16 questions relating to background, drug use, and criminal history. Anyone considered to be a high risk or possessing a firearm will not be allowed to purchase a firearm, including:.

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Doing a background check on him or herself before trying to buy a gun at a pawn shop will allow a felon to know exactly what will be discovered when the pawn shop does its review. A felon with any questions can contact an attorney. It is essential to take action and not risk a chance on the results. For someone wanting to do a background check on themselves , there are places that can help.

A felon would have the best chance at buying a gun at a pawn shop by having his or her record expunged. While a felon is denied the ability to use or own a firearm and cannot buy a gun at a pawn shop, there are procedures available to regain this right, known as restoring firearm rights. Also, at least 20 years must have elapsed since the end of any incarceration for that felony. Additionally, restoring firearm rights must not be considered contrary to the public interest or federal law.

Another way to have firearm rights restored is by seeking a presidential pardon.

In order to obtain a federal pardon, felons must wait five years after completion of their sentence. Then they may contact the federal government regarding clemency.

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They should first seek legal counsel. In order to be successful in re-establishing gun rights to be able to legally buy a gun at a pawn shop, it is essential for felons to be honest about their background. Already prevalent are negative perceptions of being:. Having support from family, friends, or previous employers can make a huge difference. You can begin again and live an honest life in order to achieve your goals, no matter how difficult they might seem. What do you think about this blog post? Have you or someone you know been in the situation of having a pawn shop running a background check for guns?

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What was that like, and what happened? Please tell us in the comments below. Pawned a glock.