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Once you have determined that your vehicle has been impounded, call the appropriate towing company immediately, to make arrangements to retrieve it. Remember that storage fees continue to accrue, so attend the impound facility as quickly as possible.

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The storage day is 24 hours from the time the vehicle arrives at the pound. Twenty-five per cent of the hour storage fee is chargeable for each of the first four hours, which shall include any part of an hour.

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One hour is payable as soon as the vehicle arrives at the pound. We are a professional towing company and are very particular about the quality of our work and machines. With the help of our fleet of tough towing machines, we can easily tackle for you any of your roadside situations, such as breakdowns, accidents, tow-away requests and other emergencies.

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We also offer to tow low-suspension vehicles and our services are offered in all areas of Brisbane, so even if you are stuck rather horribly in some far away location, our tow truck services Brisbane or our emergency towing will reach you and help you out efficiently. And the best part?

Our quality towing comes at very affordable rates. Our reliable and professional men are very approachable and friendly, instantly putting our customers at ease. We are aware of how anxious one can feel when their vehicle breaks down in the middle of a journey, and to combat all that frustration and anxiousness, we make sure that are services are highly efficient, very affordable, as well as helpful and friendly.

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Site Menu. Vehicles may be impounded or stored for several reasons that are listed below. The impound process may take a minimum of three hours.

When calling for information, be prepared to provide your name as well as the vehicle license number, make and model. You will be given the name of the towing company, the vehicle location, amount of fees due and payment method. Featured on 92.3 KTAR News flash, about Tow Truck Locator App

Registered owner identification and driver's license is required to recover the vehicle. The Parking Enforcement Offices also recover stolen vehicles.