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Before you proceed. It's missing a few of the camera tricks of new iPhones, but it still runs just fine and should continue to chug along for a few years, at least. The big benefit of an iPhone like the Google Pixel phones is that Apple controls its software, so each model is supported for half a decade or so, at least. Its App Store is also home to some very fun games and apps, some of which you won't find on Android phones. If you want the best deal for a high-end iPhone, consider the XR.

It's our top iPhone at the moment.

Just know that, like the OnePlus 7T, this phone is only "cheap" when you compare it with the incredibly expensive new models. Until the iPhone 12 rolls around in late , the XR is worth strong consideration. In short, yes. Until we approach March , these will be good picks. In the spring, Motorola will likely unveil a new slate of Moto G phones, bu these picks should still hold up, including the Pixel 3A, which will at some point before mid be replaced with a Pixel 4A.

If you buy an unlocked phone on this list and try to take it to one of your wireless carrier's retail stores, they may tell you it isn't compatible with the network. It likely is. Just use a paper clip to pop the SIM out of your current phone and put it in a new one. If it doesn't work at first, reboot the phone or just wait a couple of hours. If you need a new SIM, try ordering one online from your carrier, or try to get them to give you a SIM when you activate a line in the store if you're starting coverage.

Tell them you have a phone. Many times, reps will want to sell you a phone; that's one potential reason they might hassle you.

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Having said that, please make sure whatever phone you buy will work on your wireless network. Listings on retailers like Amazon should say clearly whether it will. Make sure it also says it's "unlocked. Warning for Verizon and Sprint users: If you're a Verizon or Sprint customer, there's a higher chance an unlocked phone will not work on your network.

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Make sure it is labeled to work on them or says it's CDMA-capable. Verizon customers, if something strange is going on, like you get no texts, you may also need to contact customer service and tell them to enable CDMA-Less roaming. If you're nervous, look up the specifications of the exact model you're considering. Make sure it has the LTE bands it needs to run on your carrier. If a phone isn't listed here, or if it's refurbished, be careful. It's easy to waste money or time when you're shopping for affordable phones.

It's hard to get a sense of how a cheaper phone will act in the long term when you use it in a store for five minutes, and retail employees may not be much help. Make sure you read reviews online. For whatever reason, big manufacturers like Samsung like to keep selling their old pre devices, like the Galaxy S7.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid most devices that originally came out before They probably won't continue to get software and security updates for long, if they're even supported now.

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